Edible: The Book.

Plant-based, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Naturally Sweetened Wholefoods.

Edible. is a 436 page cookbook and nutritional reference guide, with a strong emphasis on gut health. Beautifully presented, Edible. is printed in full, vibrant colour, with images for 200+ recipes. Alongside each recipe is a holistic discussion of nutrition and health  which sorts fact from fiction, with over 1500 references to scientific journals. This information is then expanded out into a wider discussion of ethics and sustainability, with a section on gardening, food production and the opinion piece ‘If I were Queen of the World’.

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The Recipes


Edible. provides a wealth of holistic nutritional information in a digestible format. The recipes are arranged by mealtime, with colourful tabs for quick navigation. The recipe steps are straight to the point, and the bright and attractive layout makes it all quite palatable!

Deliciously Good for You

Edible. food maximises the health benefits of whole, low GI ingredients – perfect for those looking to lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Edible. eliminates allergenic foods and minimises foods which may aggravate people with common intolerances or IBS.

Over 50 Dessert Recipes

We all love sweet, comforting and celebration foods. Edible. features over 100 pages of delicious gluten, dairy and cane sugar-free desserts!

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Angela Flack

Angela Flack



Angela Flack is a traveller, author, and creative cook. Her psychology degree, international travels and naturopathy study led her to explore the connections between the food we eat and our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing—as well as the health of our planet. Edible. is the result of that journey.

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